Hands and Feet


file and polish 30 mins
Please note £10 soak off fee is charged at every file and polish appointment.£20 PP£18

the fhc manicure 60mins
Reshape, collagen treatment, cuticles, hand massage and polish (gel or normal polish).£30 PP£19

luxury manicure 1hr30mins
hand scrub, soak, mud masque, nail work, massage and paint.£45 PP40

Add French +£3 Add Glitter +£3


dry pedicure 30 mins
(This is your post podplan paint). Please note that £10 is charged for every soak off with a dry pedicure.£30 PP£19

basic pedicure 45- 60mins
Soak & scrub, nail work, paint & massage.£35 PP£30

the fhc pedicure 60mins
Soak, scrub, mud masque, nail work, paint & massage.£40 PP£35

luxury pedicure 1 hr 30 mins
Soak, scrub, mud masue, nailwork, paint, collagen hand AND feet treatment, massage. £65 PP£60

Add French +£3 Add Glitter +£3

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The Medical Pedicure

The ultimate pedicure. The best way to remove hard skin and deal with any unsightly foot issues. After your full Podiatry treatment move into the beauty room to complete your look. £67

(+£10 if this is also your Podiatry Initial Assessment)