We use superior quality Perron Rigot waxes to give you comfort and exceptional results. For some areas, mainly intimate waxing, we use Perron Rigot’s fantastic Euroblonde Hot Wax.

brow £12 PP£8

lip £10 PP£8

chin £11 PP£9

bikini £18 PP£15

underarm £14 PP£10

1/2 leg £22 PP£18

3/4 leg £32 PP£28

full leg £40 PP£35

brazillian £28 PP£25

hollywood £32 PP£29

full leg and full bikini £55 PP£45

forearm £25 PP£20

chest £35 PP£30

1/2 back £35 PP£30

full back £45 PP£40

male 1/2 leg £30 PP£20

male full leg £48 PP£38

holiday overhaul – full leg, brazillian, underarm, brow wax, brow and lash tint £99 PP£89
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Intimate Waxing

There’s not many places we won’t wax and today the trend is most definitely ‘less is more’. For your comfort, and for the best results, we use hot wax for all intimate waxing.
Waxing Rules