Environ Peeling

In true Environ style , these peels maintian the integrity of the protective horny layer. The combination of Lactic and Salacylic Acids lock in water, gently and gradually exfoliate dead skin cells and plump even deep lines

Cool Peels

1 peel (1 area) £75 PP£65 

Course of 6 Peels £350 PP£315

Home Peel Kit £79.95
  • Skin Type:Rough, uneven texture. Fine lines and wrinkles. Sun damage. Problematic skin (Acne), Rosacea and oily skin
  • Treatment Area:Face, neck, chest and back
  • Main Results:Intense hydration, skin clearing and smoothing

For noticeable, longer lasting results, please book a course of 6 treatments.

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Environ Skin Clearing peel 2