Collagen Stimulation Therapy. My Journey. Part 1

Hello friends. Welcome to my account of my journey through CST. After so many questions about this revolutionary treatment, offered right here at The Foot Health Clinic, I thought I should document my experience. After having had my first treatment, I can safely say that I hope my account instills confidence in those inquisitive about the benefits but afraid of the process. As I was.



I am 35 this year. I have 3 children and a business and I am starting to notice the onset on aging in a big way. Softer skin, more delicate skin around my eyes with more wrinkles and big smile lines around my mouth. I am not a fan of injectables because I have seen plenty that have gone wrong and a face lift/facial surgery seems a little far-fetched. At the moment anyway! CST is a relatively simple procedure with minimal down time. I can afford it and it is going to give me an all over improvement rather than improvement just on small areas whilst the rest sags and ages. I am also keen to prevent. I can see it happening, I might as well face up to it!



Therapy Manager Louise conducted my treatment and from the outset, she was calm and confident. Louise explained the treatment from start to finish and answered my questions so I felt well prepared.


My main concern, as with many I am sure, was pain. How painful was this going to be? After all, I was getting my face rolled with 1mm long new, sharp and shiny needles. Louise assured me that we were using a local anaesthetic cream and that she would be talking to me throughout the treatment to gauge pain.


After our chat, I washed my own face twice and wiped it with an alcohol swab so I was as clean as a whistle. Louise applied the local and we waited for half an hour.


The moment had come……needles! Eeek. (bear in mind that I still ask for numbing spray before a blood test, yes, I still do, even after three children!)


Louise held my head firmly (a little surprising at first) and then rolled the roller to test. I couldn’t feel a thing. The rolling commenced. The most surprising thing was the pressure, Louise was pressing really firmly with her hand that was holding my head and with the roller. She rolled quickly in all directions, quite aggressive but not painful at all. I could hear the popping of my skin which was weird but honestly no pain.

The rolling continued like this over my whole face and neck.

Throughout the treatment Louise was reassuring me and asking me to rate my pain on a scale of 1-10. I was rating between 2 and 3.


In two areas, I seemed to be able to feel the needles, my ‘Cupids Bow’ and in the crease of my nose. It wasn’t an agonising pain but seemed to get more sharp as Louise rolled the area. It wasn’t a problem, I told Louise and she moved to another area.


After the needling, my skin was hot but not painful. I then had a peel applied to sterilise the skin but also hydrate with Lactic Acid. For me, this was the most painful part. The peel gave an all over sting that become more intense as time went on. I stuck it for 2 minutes (the prescribed time) and Louise moved a brush over my face for the duration which seemed to calm the zinging nerve endings.


My skin was then doused in more serums and then the heavenly, cool Algi masque was painted on…….and relax, goodnight!

Who would have thought it, during a treatment like that, I enjoyed a 20minute snooze and a hand and arm massage – gorgeous!

After a great debrief from Louise I was off home to my clean pillow case.



Sunburn. The perfect description. Tight and Hot. I cleansed my face as always and applied my Environ products as well as a special peptide serum called Après Cit. I tried to stay out of the sun and use RAD sunscreen today.



My glands are swollen. A bit like I am starting with a cold. I took some Paracetamol and felt fine. That night, my glands were uncomfortable and I had swollen glands in my jaw joint which was unusual. Took more Paracetamol and felt fine.


Itchy and flaky today, all over face and neck. I applied Antioxidant Gel and my normal Environ moisturisers to keep the itching at bay.

My skin is not as red and is less tight. Definitely looks nice and plumped which is a bonus.


Much less dry today, still itchy, especially on my neck. Redness has subsided.

Day 4

Looking pretty much normal. My neck is still itchy but nowhere near as bad as it was.

Day 5

I feel normal today, nothing much to report!

Let me know your thoughts and questions.

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