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We all want a quick fix when it comes to our ailments. Feet are no different. At the Foot Health Clinic, we try not to sell you anything. We are trying to give you the tools to reduce your own pain and that sometimes involves a foot orthosis (orthotic insole). However, we realise that not everyone requires a bespoke solution


So, after much trial and error with various ranges of prefabricated products, we have decided that there are some insoles that we are happy to promote as an “over the counter orthosis” that we confident about selling online

If, however, you are not sure what you need or what your problem is then it is always advisable to have a consultation with the Orthotist to see what you might require

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Vionic 3/4 Length Unisex Orthotic

From the much respected Vionic range, this 3/4 length, slimline unixex orthotic provides a comfortable level of arch support in a material that is tolerable even for the more sensitive feet.
The 1st metatarsal cut out is fantastic at increasing Windlass arch mechanism engagement and makes this the ideal insole choice for plantar fascia problems and degenerative osteoarthritis in the big toe joint
Slim enough to fit into even dress shoes, this foot orthosis is a great all rounder!

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