Beauty Treatments

Beauty treatments at the clinic offer quality, fashion and convenience. Combine your regular medical treatments with the finishing touches or simply keep up your maintenance treatments to stay feeling and looking great.

Hands and Feet

Manicures and Pedicures are no longer seen as treats by many but the essential areas to keep clean and glossy, not just for holidays but for the daily lives of those looking to be smart and ready in seconds each day. From basic tidy ups to  intensive overhauls, our hand and feet treatments use proven nail finishes and effective smoothing and hydrating products to give you beautiful, healthy and long lasting results.


  • File and Polish (30 mins). Please note £10 soak off fee is charged at every file and polish appointment.
  • The FCH Manicure (45 – 60 mins). Reshape, collagen treatment, cuticles, hand massage and paint.
    £35 PP£25
  • Luxury Manicure (1 hour 15 mins). Hand scrub, soak, mud masque, nail work, massage and paint.
    £45 PP£40


  • Dry Pedicure (30 mins). This is your post podplan paint. Please note £10 soak off fee is charged at every file and polish appointment.
    £30 PP £25
  • The FCH Pedicure (1 hour). Soak, scrub, mud masque, nail work, paint & massage.
    £45 PP£40
  • Revitalising Spa Pedicure  (45 mins-1hr).Soak, scrub, mud masque, nail work and cooling gel massage.
    £60 PP£55
  • The Uber Pedicure  (1hr 30mins).Soak, scrub, mud masque, nail work, Callus treatment, massage and moisturise. This treatment includes a warm collagen hand treatment and massage too!.
    £80 PP£60

Brows and Lashes

Lash treatments are great for anyone after a touch of party glamour, holiday makers or ladies that need to add hair to thinning, short or sparse lashes to restore their natural appearance and confidence. Tinting is also available and is a simple and effective way to add structure and definition to lashes and brows.
Tint test needed 24hrs before your appointment

Treatments & Prices

  • Lash Tint (20 mins).
    £12 PP £10
  • Brow Tint (15 mins).
    £10 PP£7
  • Brow Tint and Wax (30 mins).
    £19 PP£15
  • Lash and Brow Tint  (30 mins).
    £19 PP£15
  • Sculpt, colour and correct your brows with a total brow overhaul. Great for overtweezed, unruly and mis-shapen brows and anyone looking for the ultimate shape and definition.

Facial Treatments

Looking for the ultimate facial treatment? Look no further. Environ products and treatments work. That is all we can say!

We use Environ products daily in treatments for face and body and have treated people with a wide range of concerns from Roseacea to problematic skin and of course, age management. We consistently see noticeable results whilst improving skin health for the long term. Our range of treatments offer something for everyone and all start with a thorough consultation so that we can tailor your programme and help you throughout your journey to the healthiest skin.

To get you started, feel free to complete our FHC Online Skin Questionnaire. Or click on the button below if you would like to book an appointment.

Environ Facial Treatments

Our skilled, experienced team tailor each of your facial treatments to your requirements at each appointment, using fresh, powerful Environ products and the DFII machine. Please book 1.5 hours for your first appointment.

  • 1hr – 3 areas of concern
    £75 PP£65
  • 1hr 30mins – Full face and neck
    £95 PP£85

Classic Facial

A therapeutic cleanse for those who are looking for relaxation. An indulgent treatment. No Machine.

  • Classic facial treatment (Express 1 hour).        
    £38 PP£30
  • Classic facial treatment (Luxury 1 hour 30 mins)
    £65 PP£59

Peeling with Environ

In true Environ style, these peels maintain the integrity of the protective horny layer. The combination of Lactic and Salicylic Acid lock in water, gently and gradually exfoliate dead skin cells and plump even deep lines.

Skin Type: Rough, uneven texture. Fine lines and wrinkles. Sun damage. Problematic skin (Acne), Rosacea and oily skin.
Treatment Area: Face, neck, chest and back.
Main results: Intense hydration, skin clearing and smoothing.

  • 1 Peel
    £85 PP£75