Foot Health

Foot Health Clinicians specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of problems in the feet and lower limb. So, when it comes to feet, they are the experts. At The Foot Health Clinic, we aim to provide the best possible service to you and your feet by offering a full range of treatments, from luxurious medical pedicures to nail surgery and all of the skin and nail care in between.

Foot Health Clinicians includes Podiatrists, Chiropodists, Foot Health Practitioners and Podiatry Assistants

Clients are often embarrassed about their feet. However, we can safely say that there is nothing that we will not have seen before and besides, it is our job to make sure you leave feeling much happier about your feet than when you arrived.

PODPLAN - Discount Foot Health Clinic Membership

Podplan from just £4.61/week

Exclusive to The Foot Health Clinic Ltd, Podplan is a simple practice membership plan. Plan members pay for Foot Health treatments monthly and save on every treatment throughout the year!

The flexible system allows you to choose the number of treatments that you have each year and when you visit the clinic for those treatments. Simply book your next appointment after each visit.

How does it work?

Select your monthly membership using the table below. This allows you to have foot treatments on a regular basis. Once a member, you can choose any of the treatments offered at the clinic and receive the discounted rate. Browse our brochure for more details.


Please find below our PODPLAN Pricing. Please select the interval between treatments you would like to view the pricing.

  • £12.00 per week
  • £52 per month
  • 13 treatments per year
  • £10.15 per week
  • £44 per month
  • 11 treatments per year
  • £8.31 per week
  • £36 per month
  • 9 treatments per year
  • £6.46 per week
  • £28 per month
  • 7 treatments per year
  • £5.54 per week
  • £24 per month
  • 6 treatments per year
  • £4.61 per week
  • £20 per month
  • 5 treatments per year

NAILPAN (Nail Cutting) Pricing

Please find below our NAILPLAN Pricing. Please select the interval between treatments you would like to view the pricing.

  • £7.25 per week
  • £31.42 per month
  • 13 treatments per year
  • £6.13 per week
  • £26.58 per month
  • 11 treatments per year
  • £5.02 per week
  • £21.75 per month
  • 9 treatments per year
  • £3.90 per week
  • £16.92 per month
  • 7 treatments per year
  • £3.35 per week
  • £14.50 per month
  • 6 treatments per year

Failure to attend a PODPLAN or NAILPLAN appointment will result in the loss of that appointment.

How do I join?

Joining is simple. After your Initial Assessment with the Foot Health Clinician, ask at reception to joint PODPLAN or NAILPLAN. Select your attendance preference and we will set up your regular payments.  You can then book in for your next  treatment which will be covered by your Podplan membership, book in for any discounted Priority Price List treatments and purchase discounted retail items (in clinic only).

Foot Health & Podiatry Treatments

We offer a comprehensive range of services in Foot Health & Podiatry from the treatment of specific complaints, routine foot care and nail surgery. Why not combine your Foot Health treatment with something from the beauty menu?

  • Initial Assessment (includes full foot treatment)
  • Routine Full Foot Treatment (only available to patients who have already had an initial assessment)
  • Initial Assessment with nail cut or corn treatment only
  • Routine Nail Cut
  • Routine Corn Removal

The Medical Pedicure

The ultimate pedicure. This really is the best way to remove hard skin and deal with any unsightly foot issues. After your full Podiatry treatment, move into the beauty room to complete your look. Choose from our tantalising selection of nail finishes. Why not incorporate a relaxing massage or ENVIRON facial treatment?

  • The Medical Pedicure (+£10 if this is also your Podiatry Initial Assessment)

Verruca Treatments

Please note, as with any verruca treatment, The Foot Health Clinic Limited and any Foot Health Clinician working with The Foot Health Clinic Limited, does not offer any guarantee of cure through the use of any of the following treatment methods.

  • Initial Verruca Assessment (30 minutes)
  • Routine Appointment (15 minutes)
  • +Salic Acid Each Additional Area

Verruca Needling

Faulkner’s Needling Technique – A “one hit” treatment for verrucae. This procedure works on the principle of introducing the viral cells that cause the verruca to the immune system by pushing the cells deeper into the dermal layer of the skin . Resolution times are 12-14 weeks post treatment. Only one treatment area is required. it is common for multiple verruca sites to resolve that have not been treated. 

  • Verruca Needling (1hr 15mins

Nail Surgery

All surgery fees quoted include 3 dressing changes.

  • 1 Toenail
  • 2 Toenails (when removed in the same appointment)

Claim back the cost of Foot Health Treatment

If you are on a cash plan, you may be able to claim back some or all of your payment. Please ask us for more details and how you could be getting your footcare for free.

Foot Health & Podiatry FAQ's

  • Do I need an Initial Assessment even if I have had treatment elsewhere before?

    Yes – we set aside extra time for an Initial Assessment because we need to take a thorough medical history and intial examination. We are legally obliged to make sure that we have medical records that are up to HCPC standard and this involves an initial assessment.
  • How do I get rid of a verruca?

    Treatment for verrucae varies depending on type and location. There are different treatment methods including cryotherapy, salacylic acid and Faulkner’s Multiple Puncture Technique
  • What if I just want my nails cutting?

    We offer a Nail Cutting appointment. This is a shorter appointment and only involves cutting the nails.
  • Do you treat fungal nail infections?

    Yes – one of the first things in these cases is to ensure that there is actually a fungal infection. There are plenty of conditions that can cause thickening and discolouration of the nails. Some of these can be fairly serious and it is important to rule these out before progressing with any type of treatment.
  • Do you treat ingrowing toe nails?

    We do treat ingrowing toenails. For many clients, regular cutting and management of the offending nail can be enough to keep the problem at bay. However, in more serious cases of recurrent pain and infection, nail surgery may be suggested.
  • Do you treat bunions?

    If your problem is hard skin or a corn on the bunion, then a Podiatrist/Foot Health Clinician is the person to see. However, if the issue is pain in the joint or pain from rubbing of the shoes, then the Orthotist would be the best person to see.  It will depend on what the problem is with the bunion as to whether the Orthotist can help but he will be able to offer the best advice on management.
  • I’m doing the Parish Walk. Is a Foot Health treatment a good idea?

    We have many Parish Walkers who come regularly for podiatry treatments to keep the hard skin (callus) on the feet to a minimum as heavy callus can feel uncomfortable over long distance. It is good to have a podiatry treatment at least a couple of weeks before the Parish Walk as it allows some time for the underlying skin that has been exposed to toughen up a little.