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We are pleased to offer our patients this fantastic, pain free, simple and affordable Verruca Treatment

Pain Free

Suitable for Children(aged over 6)

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Appointment Type Appointment Time Price
Initial Verruca Assessment with Verrutop Treatment 50 minutes £70
Verrutop Treatment – price to include 1 ampule, treating as many verrucae as possible (usually 3 verrucae maximum) 30 minutes £55
 Additional Ampoule NA £20
Surgical Spirit for usage between Treatment (500ml) NA £4



“Delighted. Pain free and simple. Only took 3 applications and it was gone. Would highly recommend”

– Jean W

I have had lots of different verruca treatments in the past, all with no success. After 4 visits, it was gone. I’m a bit amazed it worked but very happy with the result. Thanks

–  Peter


How Effective is Verrutop?

As with all treatment for a verruca, there is no guarantee of success. Verrutop is shown to have a higher than 70% success rate. However, anecdotally, it seems to be more successful than other treatment methods. This is likely due in part to ease of use and the simplicity of the treatment as more patients adhere to the ongoing management

How Many Treatments Will It Take?

The average number of treatments required is 3. As with any treatment, this will vary. Many require only 1 or 2 treatments but for a large, stubborn verruca, as many as 6 treatments may be required. It is important to note, however, that there is a small percentage of people for whom it will have no effect

Is It Suitable For Children?

It is suitable for children, but only children aged 6 or over. This is a recommendation from the Manufacturer

What Should I Expect At My Appointment?

Before any Verructop treatments take place, your Foot Health Professional will dicuss with you the treatment process to ensure you are happy with how it will all take place. Watch thevideo below for more information

How Many Verrucae Can Be Treated With 1 Ampoule?

The size of the verruca will determine how many verrucae can be treated with a single ampoule. However, for average sized verrucae, approximately 3 can be treated

What To Expect at my Appointment

If you are interested but would like to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be delighted to answer any questions you might have

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