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Lacuna Method ® Fungal Nail Treatment

Most Anti Fungal treatments don’t get the heart of the problem

The Lacuna Method® creates tiny holes in the nail allowing  the anti fungal preparation to reach and treat the active portion of the infection

What is the Lacuna Method® and How Does it Work?

The Lacuna Method ® involves drilling tiny holes into the nail plate. These little tunnels act as capillaries to pull the anti fungal preparation (Lamisil or similar) down to the nail bed where the active infection lies. Pressure on the nail from walking and footwear allows the fungal preparation to spread around the nail bed.

Because the active portion of the fungal infection lies deep in the nail bed, many lacquers applied to the top of the nail are ineffective. The nail plate is not porous and penetration of the anti fungal is minimal

With the Lacuna Method ®, the fungal infection is arrested and the nail grows out normally.


Appointment Type Appointment Time Price
Initial Assessment 50 minutes £70
Lacuna Method® for a single nail 30 minutes £80
Additional Nails 5 minutes £15
Lamisil 1% Spray NA £8.99
Dermatophyte Fungal Nail Express Test NA £40


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a fungal nail?

Symptoms of a fungal nail include, but are not limited to

  • Crumbling nail texture
  • Thickening of nail plate
  • Discoloration – yellow/brown/dark/white
  • White patches on the nail plate

These symptoms can, however, appear in cases where there are underlying medical conditions such as psoriasis. They can also occur as a result of nail plate trauma

As such, prior to embarking upon any Lacuna Method ® treatment, we will always undertake a rapid Fungal Nail Test (Dermatophyte Test). The cost for this test is £40 and ensures that we are treating the correct condition

Do I need to have the £40 Fungal Nail Test?

Yes. It is important that we are treating the right condition. as many other conditions present similarly to fungal nail infections (e.g. psoriasis affected nails), there is little point in spending money on a treatment that has no hope of being successful were it not to be a fungal nail infection

Can it treat any fungal nail infection?

Unfortunately not. Although there is some anecdotal cases to the contrary, it is generally accepted that if the infection has spread as far back as the cuticle, it will require oral anti fungal treatments such as Terbinafine. As such, the earlier you seek treatment for your fungal infection, the better the chance of a good outcome

Does it always work?

Like any medical treatment, it does not always work. However, most patients report excellent results and are delighted at how hassle free the process is to giving them nails that they are happy to show off again!

Do I have to do anything afterwards?

On a daily basis, you will need to spray the nail with Lamisil (or similar anti fungal preparation) in order to continually treat the infection. You will be reviewed at approximately 6 weeks at which point more holes may be drilled if necessary. It is advisable, even once the infection is cleared, to continue to apply an anti fungal regularly to reduce the chances of re-infection

Any Questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact us at the clinic and we will be happy to help you out

T: 620712

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